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SOS - Save Tibetan Antelope - Endangered species. Besieged Anti-poaching compaign

Volunteers from Greener Beijing Institute(GBI), a grassroot NGO in China, launched Save Tibetan Antelope Campaign to help save this endangered animal on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. in 1999, Greener Beijing launched the website "Save Tibetan Antelope" and mobilized its volunteers to publicize the situation of endangered animal and to raise fund for the effort to save it. GBI got support from many activists from the Chinese press, many environmental societies in the universities as well as the key Internet companies in China.

Based on this "Save Tibetan Antelope" Website, with the support of environmental protection volunteers, GBI launched Save Tibetan Antelope Website Union in 2000. Most popular Chinese website such as China Wide Web, SINA.COM, EAST.NET, CHINAREN, FOCUS joined this website and give strong support to GBI's effort. . In April 2000, GBI launched tour exhibition of "Save Tibetan Antelope", in close cooperation with environmental societies in Chinese universities. GBI also cooperated with Beijing Broadcast Station and Beijing TV Station in broadcasting special programms on this issue...

More inoformation ...

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Save-Tibetan-Antelope Union Launched. Seeking your support!

Save-Tibetan-Antelope Website Union

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Flash Animation: Save Tibetan Antelope!!!
(Translation of the Chinese script: Wild animals are disappearing from this globe because of the greed of humankind. Our hope is that the Tibetan antelope will not be the next. Help save it!)

We welcome your help to build the English version of this
Save-Tibetan-Antelope Union Website and carry out our campaign. We are launching activities, including fund raising and an exhibition, to save this precious species, which is in it's critical moment and extreme danger. Please take part in our action. Just Save It !

Welcome your support, participation and world wide cooperation in this campaign:

About us
Spercial Thanks to: Nancy C. Carithers

Save-Tibetan-Antelope Action

Tibetan Antelope Protection
About Save-Tibetan-Antelope Action
Launch of Save Tibetan Antelope Campaign
Action Plan
Tour Exhibition
No-benefit-performance Evening
Sponsers and supporters

Just offer your help and save it!

Wild Yak Patrol need your help.

Say no to the bloody Shatoosh.

Wild Yak Patrol members visit GBI

World in Action

Volunteers builds up the protection station
FON Chairman write to British Premier Blair
Kekexili Anti-Poacher Action No.1
Tibetan Antelope Protection Seminar held at Xining, China
IFAW Calls for stop shatoosh trade
GBI Launches Save Tibetan Antelope Website Union

Media Focus

Heros of Kekexili Zhabaduojie on the Tibetan Plateau
The mistury of Shatoosh Save Tibetan Antelope Union in Action
Save-Tibetan-Antelope Union Conference Center

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Thanks for support from volunteers of Greener Beijing Institute, Friend of Nature, IFAW, Wild Yak Team
and many other friends who make most of their efforts to save our precious species.

Save-Tibentan-Antelope Union Feburay, 2000