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Joint Brazil-China-Mexico Session
The Challenges of Social -Environmental governance

November 21-27, 2003
Bras¨ªlia and Piren¨®polis - Brazil


The general objective of the Session is, by discussing the concept of "governance" - its importance and the challenges in making it effective -, to improve understanding on the contemporary local and global reality and ways in which society can intervene more efficiently. Among the specific aims we can highlight:
¡¤ Understanding the distinction between government and governance;
¡¤ Understanding the differences in exercising governance at different levels;
¡¤ Discussing the elements which make up governance;
¡¤ Discussing how different models of government and of government / society relationships influence the issue of governance;
¡¤ Discussing the relationship between leadership and governance;
¡¤ Discussing the relationship between governance and sustainability;
¡¤ Discussing the importance, potential and limitation of local power in exercising governance;
¡¤ Discussing the mechanisms for empowering civil society and for appropriate performance of its role in governance;
¡¤ Deepening the discussion on the role of governments and their institutions for local, national and international governance.



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