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To all the group member: It is an exiting moment in Wye, when the special TV program "Good Morning Wye" of LEAD TV Channel 10 by our Working Group B is filmed, thanks to all the effort and contribution by all the DreamWorks group:)

It is a pity that I don't have any photo about the whole group working, especially about our director Martha. She didn't show up in the whole program. Though I am the camera man, I still got an chance to act as a reporter:) If any member of this group have take photos about the shooting of this program, please sent them to me to make a trailer, which will be added in front of the program.


Click in to enjoy the "Good Morning Wye" Special Edition of LEAD TV CHANNEL 10!

Here is the full program with the feature:
Good Morning Wye : LEAD C-10 Special Program at Imperial College London Wye Campus (Full Program 14 Minutes)
TikTok Flash Video of the Program (30 Seconds @ PC)
(30 Seconds @ TikTok)

Download the Video "Good Morning Wye"
>> Full Size Video 14 Minutes with filming anecdotes>>
>>TikTok 4 Minutes Edition>>
>>TikTok 30 Seconds Edition>>

>>2004 Original Format >>

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