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Fact Sheet

Going Against the Grain: Sustainable Agriculture and the Global Food Economy
LEAD International Session on Future Food Security
Imperial College London, Wye, Kent, United Kingdom
1-6 April and 15-20 April 2004

Fact Sheet

Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) International is a global network of individuals and non-governmental organizations committed to sustainable development. Established in 1991 by The Rockefeller Foundation, LEAD is coordinated through an international secretariat based on the South Kensington campus of Imperial College London. The goal of LEAD is to foster a global network of future decision-makers with the knowledge, values and skills to develop national and international policies that emphasize the environmentally sustainable and socially equitable use of the earth s resources.

The Wye Campus of Imperial College London has over 100 years experience in research and teaching in agricultural science and economics directed at food security and development. As part of its new programme of events addressing issues for the rural economy and environment, Wye is hosting the 2004 LEAD International Session for the 10th Cohort of participants from around the world.

Background and rationale
For the past decade, LEAD has offered a unique, 18-month international training programme in leadership for sustainable development. The programme focuses on: enhancing leadership skills; building knowledge of sustainable development challenges and exploring possible solutions; developing a set of shared ethics and values; supporting collaboration and peer learning. Graduates of the programme become LEAD Fellows and join one of the world s most diverse networks of professionals. There are approximately 1200 LEAD Fellows in more than 80 countries working in a variety of disciplines in academia, business, government, media and NGOs.

The International Sessions are a key component of this training programme to be completed by Associates in order to graduate and gain the status of LEAD Fellow. In April 2004, one hundred and eighty LEAD Associates will be participating in the International Sessions held at the Wye Campus, Imperial College London. These Associates form the 10th Cohort to complete the LEAD International training program and come from 11 LEAD Programmes in Brazil, China, CIS, Francophone Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan and Southern Africa. This International Training event will take place twice during April 2004 in order to accommodate 180 participants at Wye Campus from April 1 C 6 and 15 C 20. Each session spans six days and will include presentations, site visits, stakeholder meetings, skills modules and reporting.

The International Sessions provide a unique opportunity for LEAD Associates to meet and work with a number of distinguished national and international speakers. These speakers deliver their message using an interactive approach to encourage questioning and debate. LEAD Fellows and Imperial College staff also participate and help to facilitate the working groups and provide invaluable information and experience to Associates on the case studies. The 2004 International Session will provide a forum for the exploration of issues of global and national importance pertaining to food security and sustainability.

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