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LEAD China Delegation Schedule

Going Against the Grain: Sustainable Agriculture and the Global Food Economy
LEAD International Session on Future Food Security
Imperial College London, Wye, Kent, United Kingdom
1-6 April and 15-20 April 2004

LEAD China Delegation Schedule

Group 1 (1-6 April):
Jiangang, Zhou Yan, Chuntao, Xie Hong, Yingren, Song Gang, Wang Qing and Cunliang.

Group 2 (14-20 April):
Yingxian, Shiwen, Guo Pei, Jifang, Miao Hong, Dong Jie, Lihua, Yan Jiong, Yulin and Yingli.

It is a pity that each of us have to miss half of the LEAD cohort 10 family:(


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