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GreenerBeiJing is the logo of  Cyberspace Villa special - Greener Beijing environment forum.

Host is the owner and designer and engineer of this Cyberspace Villa.

FrontPage is the soft ware which I used to construct this Cyberspace Villa.

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The Design of My Speical Symbol

GreenerBeiJingHere, I would like to introduce the design of the symbol of myself and also Greener Beijing which you see at right. It origins from the thought to design a logo for myself. I want to combine the S and G together to embody the characters and the pursuit of myself. Blue is my favorite color and green embodies sound environment. I dreamed of becoming a free bird in the sky. I think it is a common hope of human being to be free in a nice environment. So I designed a picture which roughly looks like the picture you see now, except there isn't a B like curve in the upper part of the green S, which form a G. I added a B curve to the G-like upper part of S later, and changed the lower part of the green S to a J-like curve. So what we can get in the green picture is GBJ which represent the Capital letters in Greener BeiJing. It is both my personal logo, and the logo of Greener Beijing special on my homepage.

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