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My History

My Birthplace

With My Family

My History dated back to 1973 and began in a little town named Wusheng in Sichuan Province, China. It is a quite beautiful land with scenic Jialingjiang River flowing by. Downstream the river 70km, is ChongQing, the forth municipality in China.

My Pursue of Studies

Begin my school years in  the Wusheng Yankou Primary School, Sichuan, China in 1980, where I met very good teacher - Ms. Zhang, which led me in to the realm of knowledge. Studied in Wusheng Middle School since 1985. After graduation in 1991, enrolled in University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China for four years' study in the Foreign Language Department, majoring in Science & English.

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Missing the Way

Worked as Business Management executive at a company in Beijing since 1995. I was mainly responsible for management information systems and independantly development the construction of the MIS system in this company. After that, I served as a civil servant with a governmental organization from 1996 ... And now click to see my future place.


My Hobby

I do just because I like.

I like music, for it brings me on the top of the world through river of no return. I like fine arts, as it helps me to explore and create beauty on this world which subliminates my mind. I like swimming as I like the feeling of surrounded by water. I like basketball because I like the feeling  of relaxation and stretch of the body. I like being digital because it mix the arts and the science, merges the virtual and phisical. a

My Interest of Study

Environmental Protection, especially Solid Waste Management. I plan to lauch a Forum on Environmental Protection in the near future. The name of this web site is "Greener Beijing". It should be a environmentalist's gathering place. Besides, Management Science, System Science, Computer is also my interest of study.

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My Constellation:  Virgo

My Year of Birth:  Year of Ox

My Blood Type:  O

My BirthdayFlower:  Osmanthus

My BirthdayStone:  Peridot

My Friendship Criteria

Prefer better friends than more friends. That is to say -

I prefer with less do more, with less do better.


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