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Message from August, 1998 to September, 2001

性别:M   来自:Mars
Please give me the ICQ program or find one solution for me.
I need you to provide me the e-mail address of Xie Haibo again, since I mis-deleted it, as you know.
Thanks in advance.

(Tue Nov 10 17:15:02 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Check your mail box, you could find it.
        (Wed Nov 11 21:50:14 1998 )
(Tue Nov 10 12:32:40 1998 )
      • SongGang
        (Wed Nov 11 21:41:08 1998 )

世纪未日就要来到了,关键在于你是否请我吃饭。哈哈 哈 哈 哈 哈保:,) :》。》》》:》》》》》》
(Mon Nov 9 19:04:06 1998 )
      • SongGang
        (Wed Nov 11 21:44:22 1998 )

Hi, Songgang:
Very nice to visit your homepage again. It is beautiful and attractive. But it is better for you to just use English in your Guest book, I don't have Chinese software here, so there are just some symbol on the screen for me. Even I don't know how to sign the guest book.

(Mon Nov 2 19:39:22 1998 )
      • SongGang
        The instruction for English user:
        row by row: name, sex; from, identity; Email, Homepage. Thank you for your visit.

        (Wed Nov 11 21:47:08 1998 )

性别:femal   来自:bj  
hi,i've seen your photo in "my louvre", it's quite handsome, but not like you. how is Bill? how was your party last Saturday?
(Sun Nov 1 21:33:14 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Thank you for your praise. Bill is now back to Qingdao. You should go that night. chenxu, xiehaibo, caiyuhui, gaolin, shixuelai, hewei, shibin, liqian, liuyue joined the party.
        (Tue Nov 10 22:35:32 1998 )

性别:male   来自:beijing  
one day,a table of beer will be waiting for you
(Sun Nov 1 16:41:49 1998 )
      • SongGang
        I think Chenxu and I will be good judges with you then, enjoy the delicious dishes and check how much beer can be dumped into Big Mouth :O
        (Sun Nov 1 17:51:45 1998 )

性别:Male   来自:Jiayuguan, Gansu
Hello, Everybody from 91,F.L.D, USTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Song gang, I need Xie Haibo's telephong number & E-mail address.

(Fri Oct 23 18:38:20 1998 )
      • SongGang
        (Fri Oct 23 21:57:08 1998 )

Sorry to say that we've cancled our journey to beijing
this friday. Maybe we'll be there next friday.
Do you have the telephone number of Mr.Xie Hai Bo? If you do,please inform me.
So see you next friday!
Good luck everyday!!

(Thu Oct 22 01:07:41 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Dial (010)62332384, and you get Xiehaibo and Chenxu.
        (Thu Oct 22 22:29:44 1998 )

Hi. How nice to visit your cyberspace villa. I got your website address from Chencharley yesterday. So I come here to say hello, finding your villa is so cosy and comforting. I am not experienced in surfing the web. Please give me a hand when it is asked. My e-mail addr. is Keep in touch.
(Wed Oct 21 13:26:41 1998 )
      • SongGang

        (Wed Oct 21 19:16:05 1998 )

性别:femal   来自:bj

(Tue Oct 20 22:21:01 1998 )
      • PS:ZhangYuan,FLD91.

        (Wed Oct 21 19:19:54 1998 )


(Tue Oct 20 18:59:09 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Friends in Beijing will be glad to welcome you Friday.
        (Tue Oct 20 21:18:58 1998 )

性别:Male   来自:Tianjin
It's a wonderful homepage. I admire your talent on Internet. I sincerely welcome email from my old classmates.
(Tue Oct 20 13:50:06 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Daniel, Wish you success in GMAT and don't forget to inform me when you come to Beijing.
        (Tue Oct 20 16:38:20 1998 )

性别:Male   来自:Peking
Congratulate that you have a new home in China.
(Mon Oct 19 22:25:10 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Hi, Cai Yuhui, Glad to see you in my Cyberspace Villa, Come often for fun.
        (Mon Oct 19 22:32:02 1998 )

性别:男   来自:北京  
It is nice to see you again in your villa. It seems you have devoted a lot to it. I am looking forward to further improvement. I really appreciate your beautiful and creative pictures. May your villa become a bridge between your friends and classmates.
(Mon Oct 19 14:41:29 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Dear Chenxu, thank you for your good advice. If it can serve as a bridge between our friends and classmates, I will be very glad. Let's do it together for this purpose.
        (Mon Oct 19 22:29:19 1998 )

性别:male   来自:yanqing  
Dear gorge, your homepage is real amazing. I am fanscinated at what you have done in past monthes. it is worthwhile. congratulations on your great work! keep touch with me.
(Sat Oct 17 10:59:15 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Hi, Charly, Welcome here. Looking forward to the launching of the website you manage to publisize Yanqing and the Great Wall. Wish you success!
        (Sat Oct 17 19:20:08 1998 )

性别:男   来自:北京

(Fri Oct 16 17:28:03 1998 )
      • SongGang
        真是有缘,那可是我的EXTENTION NUMBER,不要忘了有好事多记得拨321。有空来坐坐。
        (Fri Oct 16 19:05:20 1998 )

性别:famal   来自:BNU  
Hi, I finally entered your world, really a wonderful one. I wish someday I could also have one like this. Will you help me realize it? Sure, I guess so.
(Thu Oct 15 17:08:05 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Limda? Who are you? What is "BMU" for? Anyway, any friend is welcome in the Cyberspace Villa. If I could, I would like to have the honor of offering my help.

        (Thu Oct 15 19:35:50 1998 )

性别:Male   来自:Hong Kong  
hello! it's a good day to visit your homepage ! ( it strange? i mean such a stranger visit your hp and say such words...haha.
u know , i am Jasmine's friend and she ask me to have a look about your hp)
and i find that it is a nice and interesting page .
ok , that's what i want to say.....c ya
p.s. hope when i come back , there are something different and more interesting ^Q^

(Wed Oct 14 22:05:27 1998 )
      • SongGang
        I am very glad to host Jasmine's friend here. Thank you for your encourage, I will try.
        (Thu Oct 15 11:30:24 1998 )
ich habe deinen neunen Hopepage besichtigt,es wird immer mehr besser^_^
wenn du willst,wie waere dass ich meines Lied zu dir shenken^_&

Viele Groesse

(Wed Oct 14 21:21:03 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Herzlich Willkommen zu meine Jasmine. Die Villa ist fuer Sie gebaeude. Es wilt immer grosser sein deine shoenes Lied zu hoeren.

        (Mon Oct 19 22:10:54 1998 )

This is perfect! I love you.
(Tue Oct 13 17:11:43 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Hi, Hubin. When did you get the female name? :) It is ok to let me know earlier. Hope to see your real name and mail address here.
        (Thu Oct 15 19:32:37 1998 )

性别:男   来自:北京
(Thu Oct 8 21:56:37 1998 )
      • SongGang

        (Thu Oct 15 11:38:33 1998 )

性别:Femal   来自:Beijing Broadcasting Institute   Email:No at present
Sorry but I am afraid that I have nothing special to say 'cause I have entered the guestbook without looking through the content first.

Despite the fact I figure I still shall say that I would have enjoyed it greatly if I had done that before for your front page has impressed me very well, so well, indeed, that I have to end my saying NOW to rush into your wonderful net world!


(Thu Oct 8 13:27:04 1998 )
      • SongGang
        Really wonder how you get to my guestbook first without looking around, a quite unique way. Any way hope you enjoy.

        (Thu Oct 15 11:39:43 1998 )
OK, it's intresting and beautiful, especially the moving
background, i love it!

Happy Mid-Autum Festival!

(Tue Oct 6 02:43:52 1998 )
      • P.S.
        Visit Teking at
        (Sun Oct 18 21:14:34 1998 )
      • SongGang
        You also have a wonderful homepage, why not publicize yours here and let my friend have a visit?

        (Thu Oct 15 11:42:13 1998 )

性别:male   来自:shijingshan  
(Mon Oct 5 09:31:47 1998 )
      • SongGang
        等你用C编的程序风靡中国大地的时候,我会更羡慕你的。WORK HARD AND REALIZE YOUR DREAMS!

        (Thu Oct 15 11:41:01 1998 )

(Sun Oct 4 21:51:43 1998 )

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