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My Dreams

I have many dreams, reality frustrated me time and again, I am still a dream chaser. And now one of my dream have come true, that is to own a home on the web and construct a environment forum - Greener Beijing to unite the people of like-minded and take full advantage of Internet for the benefit of our environment. Now I have them. I just want to celebrate it! Come and share my joy!They are not perfect, but I will try to perfect it.

To win the homepage design competition 1998 hosted by, CCTV, BTV, China Infoworld, Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Morning. Beijing Evening News. And in Feb, 1999, the result comes out with my website luckily winning one of the 7 award!

I want to celebrate!

Construction Archieves

I started to design my Cyberspace Villa late in July, when I was beaten once again by the seemingly reality. The construction of this site began in 1st August. Visit of other web site also gives you inspiration. It is a good way to learn how to design your site. I has been really engaged in the construction work. It follows a tight schedule, cause my parents wanted me to back to

my hometown in Sichuan Province to stay with my family in August. In order to finish its construction before I leave Beijing, I worked pretty hard till midnight everyday, yet it gave my a lot of joy to do the creative work. I planed to leave on 10th August. It must be done by then. And I did it. My Cyberspace Villa (at Infoseek) was launched on 8, August 1998 on Infoseek WBS.Many of  the visitors gave me good advises, suggestions and offer me many helps since then. Special thanks should be given to Jasmine who help me to shape and better this site. Thanks should also go to Robert, Teking and many of my friends who visited my homepage there and give me support.

Yet many of my friend at home complained to me that it is not very convenient to visit my homepage hosted by US server because the limitation of the access and bandwidth. On 4, October 1998, the Cyberspace Villa (at Baoding Online) launched at Baoding Online. Now I can host my friend at home more easily. If you have advises and joys want to share with us go to my guestbook!

Greener Beijing is launched on November 8, 1998. Together with Cyberspace Villa, it participated in the 98' China Homepage Design Competition, and was listed as 1 of the 7 award holders. Later, much improve was made on this site. Feburary 1999, Greener Beijing was selected on the Top 100 Chinese Content Provider List by CIS. In 1999, our site participated in the 99' National Internet Application and Design Award hosted by China Telecom and Intel. We won as the only one hosted by non-profit entity among the 30 Award holders (Include software designer and ICPs).

It took us much effort to construct it. We want to make it perfect, I want to make it a better place for the environmentalist, I will try hard to perfect it, to maintain it good. Hope to get help from all sides. Actually, with the support and joint effort of many volunteers, Greener Beijing website have established itself as the first and most popular non-govermental environmental website in China. It has distinguished itself as the only non-profit award holder in several prestigious Internet awards in China. Among all the honor we received, include:
#¡¡CIS Top 100 Chinese Website List
#¡¡99'National Internet Application and Design Award
#¡¡98' China Homepage Design Competition Award
Volunteers from Greener Beijing has now distinguished itself as the first and the most active Internet based environmental volunteers NGO in China, with volunteers spread all over China,

To learn more about Greener Beijing, please visit About Greener Beijing.


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