::back to table of contents:: Mobile Disaster Management System Applications - Current Overview And Future Potential -
link to pdf document Flávio Souza, Ibrahim Kushchu
full paper Abstract: Based on a series of case analysis of current Mobile Disaster Management Systems applications in different regions of the globe, this paper examines each application in detail. This paper pays particular attention to the value and lessons learned with these applications as well as their limitations and constraints, with the aim of addressing them in the future. The paper begins by defining what a disaster management system is, and explaining its importance. It then follows with a brief description of current Mobile Disaster Management Systems applications available. The paper concludes with suggestions for developing new systems combining the best practices of each of the current systems in order to increase popularity and usage among the public. A particular proposal concerning the Japanese marketing reality is also presented.
  Keywords: Disaster Management System, mobile applications, mobile business, mobile government, mobile technologies, cases studies, SMS emergency broadcasting, Enhanced 911, message board service and Japan.