::back to table of contents:: Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) Mobile Law Enforcement System
link to pdf document Retief de Villiers
full paper Abstract: As part of the execution of its Vision 2030 document, the City of Johannesburg has embarked on a zero tolerance campaign for law enforcement and traffic violations. A major problem is the large number of open warrants of arrest and stagnated cases in the traffic fines prosecutions database. A solution had to be developed that would make it easy for a Metropolitan Police Officer (MPO) to execute a query on whether a motorist, that has been stopped, has open warrants of arrest and/or stagnated cases listed against his/her name. A solution based on GPRS equipped mobile phones was developed with an open source platform to facilitate queries to the prosecutions database. Results so far indicate that the project has been a success.
  Keywords: mobile solution, GPRS, open source, law enforcement, Johannesburg, S. Africa.