::back to table of contents:: M-Government in Hungary
link to pdf document Istvan Tozsa, Balazs Budai
full paper Abstract: The paper outlines why 2 and 2.5 G mobiles appear to have taken the lead in e-government development in Central Europe. A number of best practices throughout the world are also presented, amongst them the first milestones of m-government appearing as a special, independent field in the process of the modernization of public administration. In the authors’ view m-government implementations should be monitored in the information, interaction, transaction and transformation stages of e-government development. New workflow models need to be introduced in public administration in the developed, transaction and transformation stages to facilitate m-government implementations. Two general m-workflow models are shown and described. Last but not least, the paper introduces a new Hungarian university textbook on m-government. All possible aspects (present and future) of wireless and m-government applications are surveyed including the feasible legal, political, and civil environments.
  Keywords: m-government, m-workflow model, m-procedure, m-government in research and education