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link to pdf document Melissa Teasdale
full paper Abstract: Launched in 2002, the Government of Canada’s Wireless Portal ( wap.gc.ca) was designed to be more than just a wireless version of its’ official Internet portal—it was designed to offer ‘just in time’ up-to-the-minute and on-the-go Government of Canada information and services anytime, anywhere. This service, optimized for delivery via the wireless medium, is truly. a service designed for the public. The goal of the Government of Canada’s Wireless Portal involvesd a new practical approach to serving the public. This project creates an additional access channel to Government of Canada services, accompanying the Internet, telephone and in-person service delivery. The undertaking has been a success!
The portal has brought the Government of Canada closer to citizens by enabling wireless users to access useful information at the tip of their fingers when they’re on the move. The information provided on the portal is created with quick and easy wireless delivery in mind—a technology largely supported by Canadian and international users alike.
  Keywords: e-government, wireless portal, Canada