::back to table of contents:: M-Governance: A Framework for Indian Urban Local Bodies
link to pdf document Diatha Krishna Sundar, Shashank Garg
full paper Abstract: The basic and universal corner stones of good governance are quality of service, quick response mechanisms and above all accountable and transparent process mechanism. The first generation e-governance initiatives resulted in computerization of the legacy systems/practices in government with limited ability to internalize the advances in information and communication technologies (ICT). The paradigm shift from e-governance to m-governance (which leverages the convergence of mobile and communication technologies) results in radical differences in the key processes of creating, maintenance and usage of knowledge, creation of secure mobile transaction & delivery system, establishment of the appropriate infrastructural support for multi-mode direct citizen interface and delivery mechanisms. The primary characteristic of these m-governance solutions should be that of “capturing skill levels required to offer faster, cost-effective and scalable solutions at the door steps of the citizen through mobile and embedded technologies rather than mere computerization at the offices of urban local bodies”. Information and communication technology is merely an enabler for good mobile-governance.
  Keywords: M-Government framework, Urban Local Bodies, mobile computing, ontology, citizen identity.