::back to table of contents:: Mobile Services for a Medical Communication Center: The eSana Project
link to pdf document Henrik Stormer, Andreea Ionas, Andreas Meier
full paper Abstract: Current statistics show that in Europe more than 80% of the population has a mobile phone. The popularity and place independent utilization are reasons for using these devices in the health sector. In medical environments mobile devices could transmit physiological parameters. This article focuses on the eSana framework. eSana is a platform that redefines the communication between a customer/patient and a Medical Communication Center (MCC) by the consequential use of a mobile device for the customer/patient part. Furthermore, eSana is service independent. This paper focuses on a service designed for diabetics. eSana has three layers. The bottom layer defines how physiological parameters, e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose or heart rate can be transmitted from a mobile device to a medical communication center and stored there. The middle layer defines different statistical analyses of this data. The top layer enables dynamic counseling by a doctor or therapist. In a diabetic environment eSana could be used to send a patient’s blood glucose value periodically to an MCC. With eSana, a patient can get analyses of his blood glucose values by accessing a website or by receiving a message, generated by eSana, on his mobile device. Furthermore, a doctor can observe the data.
  Keywords: eHealth, eSana, diabetes, mobile measuring devices.