::back to table of contents:: The Mobility Paradigm in Government Theory and Practice: A Strategic Framework
link to pdf document Hans J (Jochen) Scholl
full paper Abstract: Except for space exploration, disaster management, law enforcement, homeland security, and the military, government has traditionally not been found at the forefront of using the newest technologies available. Information systems and services in the public sector have been no exception to the rule. With the advent of electronic Government, however, the gap between private-sector and government information and transaction services appears to be narrowing in terms of availability, quality, and sophistication. Mobile applications it has been speculated may have the caliber of accelerating this trend. This paper presents a phase model and a framework of strategic choice, which adds to the academic knowledge in the field of organizational development and transformation induced by mobile technology diffusion. It also helps inform practitioners and the strategic decision-making process when exploring and employing the mobility paradigm within electronic Government.
  Keywords: mobile technology diffusion, fully mobile wirelessly connected (FMWC), mobile application classes, backend integration, business process change, organizational transformation, business-centric orientation, information-centric orientation.