::back to table of contents:: Business Process Modeling for mGovernment Applications
link to pdf document Peggy Schmidt
full paper Abstract: mGovernment applications are usually part of greater enterprise environments. Technically, these enterprise applications are called bulk applications because they consist of a variety of complex interrelated business processes. To handle the complexity of these processes suitable modeling technique are needed. Typically, UML is used for these purposes. In this paper an alternative approach based on the website description language SiteLang is presented. This language supports use case modeling as well as interaction and workflow specification in a unified way using a single dialog type. Due to SiteLang’s simple constructs and well defined semantics the language is commonly understandable. SiteLang modeling is explained using a simple example from one of our eGovernment projects.
  Keywords: business process modeling, context, eGovernment, software specifications, storyboarding, SiteLang, web service