::back to table of contents:: Evolution of m-Government in Barzil
link to pdf document Mauro José dos Santos
full paper Abstract: This paper elaborates over the research of fellow graduate students and research supervisor within the subject on the problem of e-Govern, Information Technology (IT) and the operations required to set an efficient govern network in evolution to m-gov in areas of Brazil. With the visions and work of those researches, the paper illustrates the experience to modernize govern organization in a developing country scenario, comparatively with what it can represent on a country where govern is open to innovation. The crescent difficulty to overcome the resistance to changes, the need to permanent training, dynamic skills development and the path to modernize technology in areas like online searching of public services networks, legal procedures, cryptography, digital signature and Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) on an open source, multi-platform and multithread environment. The paradigm is that: the same force that turns one economy to attain high value standard, works at the contrary on the other. That in turn responds for development of one economy and a deeper development gap on the other towards obsolescence.
  Keywords: Database management, e-govern, m-gov, network security, e-business management, e-services, public policy.