::back to table of contents:: Technical Implications And Business Recommendations For Building Open And Interoperable Platform For M-Services Provisioning
link to pdf document Gertraud Peinel, Thomas Rose, Witold Abramowicz, Andrzej Bassara, Agata Filipowska, Marek Wiśniewski, Paweł Żebrowski
full paper Abstract: The paper focuses on the current outcomes of the USE-ME.GOV project. It discusses in detail the research on usability of m-services in government to citizen (G2C) interaction. Specific attention is placed on the design approach for the architecture of the system and the impact of user requirements on system design. We also point to the concept of architectural dependencies among m-services as well as the need for proper service semantics. Furthermore, we present the research done on the topic of business models allowing the sustainable operation of such services.
  Keywords: eGovernment, mGovernment, mobile services, m-services, open platform, usability sharing, openness, interoperability, scalability, business models