::back to table of contents:: Mobile Government in Germany: Legal Aspects and Demands on Mobilizing the Administration
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full paper Abstract: Mobile Government stands for a local flexible application of electronic information and communication technology to enable communication with or within government and administration by means of mobile devices and without fixed access points. The term “Mobilized Administration” refers to a part of Mobile Government, because it only refers to the administration as the mobile partner of communication. Administration in this context means not only public authorities but also private bodies acting on behalf of the administration. This kind of Mobile Government is especially interesting from a legal point of view, because most far-reaching effects on the administration caused by the innovations, improvements and changes going along with a Mobilized Administration may be expected. To realize this new kind of administration and to put into effect all the advantages in an optimal manner, unplanned legal obstacles and basic requirements have to be identified and taken into account in the preliminary stages. Similarly, the dangers have to be restricted with foresight by an appropriate technical design and legal configuration.
  Keywords: Mobilized Administration, legally compatible technical design, preventive adoption of law, data protection, electronic filing, mobile signature.