::back to table of contents:: A Mobile Alerting System For the Support of Patients with Chronic Conditions
link to pdf document Doris Jung, Annika Hinze
full paper Abstract: In today's healthcare environment, information systems are mostly used to support clinical staff. However, in current information systems, for patients assistance in the management of their chronic conditions is neglected. Yet, it is vital that patients with chronic conditions are actively involved in their disease management. This promotes personal responsibility, encourages understanding of their condition, gives them more control over their treatment and fosters their compliance. In this paper we propose the concept of a mobile system for supporting the management of the conditions of patients with chronic diseases. This system will allow for monitoring the patient’s health and the notification of doctors if emergency action is required. Also patients themselves may specify personal alerts for condition-related issues. Further, we show a comparison of existing systems against use cases we have developed in respect to their applicability to our approach. Finally, deduced from our use case analysis, we present a conceptual and architectural design of this system.
  Keywords: Event notification, alerting, monitoring, healthcare, chronic condition.