::back to table of contents:: M-GOV: A Proposed Architecture For Mobile Government Transactions
link to pdf document Dimitris Gouscos, Dimitris Drossos, Giannis F. Marias
full paper Abstract: As testified by the established penetration of mobile devices world-wide, as well as the emergent enrichment of both informational and transactional mobile service content via protocols such as i-mode, mobile services may constitute the next technological leap in the advancement of electronic service delivery. The integration of mobile technology with electronic government services, in particular, presents substantial promise to bring the “anywhere-anytime-anybody” e-government service vision one step closer. This paper presents an architecture that integrates workflow-based one-stop government service delivery with secure mobile transactions, offering support not only to “passive” informational services, but also to transactional services realized through mobile triggering of e-government service workflows. Such an integration further enhances the established benefits of electronic government service delivery whereas it additionally creates a co-operative “win-win” situation for service end-users, administrative employees, e-government service providers and mobile operators alike.
  Keywords: Mobile government, system architecture, G2C, G2E, G2G.