::back to table of contents:: Developing Interactive Voice Response Interfaces for Large Information Systems
link to pdf document Gunar Fiedler, Peggy Schmidt
full paper Abstract: The usage of mobile technology for eGovernment applications is not only restricted to (hyper-) text or multimedia services like WAP, SMS, or MMS. Nowadays, due to various improvements in speech technology it is practicable to use natural speech as an input source for information systems. Typically, when using this interface technology it will coexists with other ones within an enterprise environment. While a well founded modeling of information structures is widely accepted during information system development interface applications are often designed ad hoc. Because information systems evolve this ad hoc procedure complicates the management of application versions and variations. Especially in eGovernment scenarios with changing legal conditions or political tenors a structured development and change management of multi channel interfaces can reduce costs for IT projects without reducing functionality or public acceptance. We present a methodology for a structured interface development based on the website description language SiteLang. The design of this methodology was heavily influenced by our experiences in several co-operations with German public administrations. One of these projects, the community management system SeSAM, is used as a running example within this paper.
  Keywords: interface development, SiteLang, information system, VoiceXML