::back to table of contents:: M-Government Safety Services: Evaluation Of Alternatives From Stakeholders’ Perspectives.
link to pdf document Ir. R.W.Feenstra, Dr. Ir. M. Janssen, Prof. Dr. R.W. Wagenaar
full paper Abstract: Mobile technologies provide many opportunities for innovative applications to improve public safety. In cooperation with a group of stakeholders, alternative applications to improve public safety were proposed and reviewed on their value by voting. In this case the voting shows a considerable level of consensus regarding the services desired most. A framework is introduced to rank the services in order of complexity. The proposed framework is used as a feasibility analysis providing a roadmap for the realization of the services. In order to achieve successful service implementations, the stakeholders need to take into account the complexity of the different services proposed and their current level of expertise. The proposed framework providing a roadmap for service implementation may help governmental organizations to identify services fit for realization in an evolutionary way, at affordable risks.