::back to table of contents:: Security Planning using Zachman Framework for Enterprises
link to pdf document Levent Ertaul, Raadika Sudarsanam
full paper Abstract: An “Enterprise” is a business association consisting of a recognized set of interacting business functions, able to operate as an independent, standalone entity. Security in an enterprise has elevated the interest in day-to-day business activities of today’s world, as the hackers threaten all kinds of valuable corporate information. The high profile attacks on the Internet and several physical attacks seems to have increased the security related issues on top of corporate agenda. Security is being achieved through the combination of technology and policy. The technology must be up to date and the policy must outline the procedures. The confronting major trends towards security are to integrate security throughout an organization, converge information security and physical security, and to emerge the importance of new security technologies. Zachman Framework is a logical structure for organizing the management of an enterprise and it controls and integrates all components of the system. This paper gives an overview of how Zachman’s Framework help define, design, and create tools for effectively securing an enterprise. Also, discussed in this paper is the incorporation of this framework in e-governance.
  Keywords: Enterprise Security Planning, Enterprise Security Management, Strategic Planning.