::back to table of contents:: Investigating The Potential Improvement of Patient Management Systems In Hospital Ward Settings Using Mobile, Wireless Technologies
link to pdf document Linda Dawson, Julie Fisher, Liza Heslop
full paper Abstract: Wireless networks, hand held devices and associated applications are key emerging technologies ideal for nomadic workers such as clinicians in ward settings. They can potentially enhance clinicians’ use of patient management and clinical systems by providing decision support and clinical information exchange at the bedside or point of care. Empirical research is needed to better understand and implement this potential improvement in patient management systems. This paper describes some preliminary findings of a project which aims to understand current ICT-based work practices and expectations for wireless, mobile environments in an acute ward setting; select and install appropriate wireless information communication technology (ICT) devices and applications at the bedside in a clinical ward; and to conduct an action research study to monitor the utility, user acceptance, security and safety of that technology at the bedside for patient management.
  Keywords: Hand held devices, Mobile devices, Nomadic, Healthcare, Patient Management