::back to table of contents:: On the use of Policy Based Management for Pervasive m-Government Services
link to pdf document Steven Davy, Keara Barrett, Brendan Jennings, Sven van der Meer
full paper Abstract: This paper discusses some of the challenges encountered when using policy-based management to manage pervasive m-Government services. Users within a pervasive computing environment can take advantage of pervasive m-Government services if management of these services is developed and integrated into the environment’s management system. The mobility of the user is a key feature of pervasive computing environments. Adapting the management system to account for user’s mobility is a challenging and highly active research area. Application of policy based management techniques appears to have the potential to successfully manage the provision of services across multiple management domains, however this potential will only be realised if solutions to a number of challenging research issues are realised. In particular, current policy based management techniques do not fully support user or service mobility across management domains. Thus we argue that research into specific areas, including dynamic policy refinement, dynamic policy conflict detection and resolution, policy interoperability among domains, and inter-domain policy negotiation, must be carried out.
  Keywords: Pervasive m-Gov services, Policy Based Management.