::back to table of contents:: Secure Mobile Services Infrastructures for mGovernment: Personalised, Context-aware Composition of Pervasive Mobile Services
link to pdf document Alan Davy, Fiona Mahon, Kevin Doolin, Brendan Jennings, Mícheál Ó Foghlú
full paper Abstract: This paper discusses service discovery, composition and adaptation, illustrating their usefulness in pervasive mobile environments in which a multitude of services are available to users. It addresses how service discovery and composition, incorporating personalization and context awareness, can provide focused sets of services tailored to a user’s individual needs, shielding users from the potentially bewildering range of offered services. It is argued that because users’ needs will be constantly evolving, these service sets must also continually adapt to changing requirements. The Pervasive Services Platform developed by the EU FP6 integrated project Daidalos is described and a usage scenario for it that demonstrates how service discovery, composition and adaptation can be successfully integrated is outlined.
  Keywords: Pervasive Services, Service Composition, Service Adaptation, Mobile Computing, Daidalos