::back to table of contents:: Multichannel Hub: An M-Government Case Study For The City Of Turin
link to pdf document Elena Cigliano, Lara Marcellin, Andrea Crevola
full paper Abstract: The aim of this project, called Multi-channel Hub and developed by CSP – ICT Innovation and the City of Turin (Italy), is to work out a multi-channel application as a concrete solution of m-government that can meet social, psychological and technical needs. Thanks to its hardware and software architecture, it is possible to modulate the information supply, on the basis of different users and devices. In fact, it is able to optimize the content publishing process, from Governments and Public Administration bodies to citizens, on different media. The project deals with many considerable research themes, such as mobile devices, multi-channel publishing processes, integration of different information providers, mobile government issues
  Keywords: M-government and City case, Public Administration services, publishing processes, mobile devices, multi-channel data access, mobile standards and protocols.